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ARROW KEYS or WASD to move the bigger BOT
MOUSE to move the smaller BIT
OBJECTIVE: Collect all the energy orbs on the level and assemble the letters in the right order. Use BIT to fetch things for BOT and move them around.

My submission for the 2017 Remake Jam. Went waaaaay off course from the original but that was a long time ago and served a different purpose. I wanted to use this to experiment with some things. There's still some buggies here and there but it plays good.


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I liked the graphic style! The robots are quite cute!

I had an issue with the game though, once I gathered all the letters on screen, the game severely lagged to the point that it took me like 5 seconds to get a letter and drag it to its place. That was horrific! >_<

The game doesn't load for some people, leave a comment if it happens to you too.